We humans see ourselves as Individuals & unique. The same is true of the things we photograph. Each & every thing has unique qualities that require special attention by the photographer. One size never quite fits all. However, I will list some basic cost information to help you estimate what it might cost to have some photographic work done.


The prices below are for images of pieces photographed on a white background (not clipped) or on a gradient background.


Set-up charge                      $ 30       (if less that 4 pieces at one session)  

Shooting Fee                       $ 30       (one image for each piece)

2D above 40 inches             $ 50


ZAPP Jewelry (Black Ice with Halo)            

       Set-up charge               $ 40       (if less that 4 pieces at one session)

       Shooting Fee                $ 60       (one image for each piece)


Food Imagery                                    (we need to talk)



Groupings or multiple items in an image costs more than a single piece image, but less than the cost of each piece photographed individually.

The volume of work needed during a single photographing session(white background) can bring the cost down significantly. Many products, even artistic products can cost significantly less than the prices above; based on similar color, shape, reflectiveness & size with more than 10 items at a time.

If there is something that you want photographed & I haven’t covered it above, please contact me.

I will provide a full size (aprox. 5,700 pixels longest side) for Printing, a web size (1000 pixels longest side) & another size of your choice. For artists the third choice is usually in the ZAPP format.

I retain the Copyright & License you the Images. The License for Art work is 10 years & Product/Commercial work is 5 years. Product/Commercial Images may be subject to additional usage fees.