CEO Mark Zuckerberg

This essay will examine the life of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and investigate his leadership characteristics and styles. Zuckerberg has a transformational leadership style. He is considered one of the most successful people in the world. His father hired a private software engineer to teach him coding and programming during his childhood. Later, He was accepted into Harvard University, but he dropped out of it to devote time to his project because he had a clear vision about what he wanted. Although he is not a natural leader, he was determined to learn and improve his leadership skills thus he hired couches to help him become better leader. His employees love him and enjoy working with him. He also created a comfortable work environment for his employees to be creative and do the best for the business. Zuckerberg uses many different management styles depending on the situation he faces. For example, he uses the autocratic style when he is taking a decision. Mark Zuckerberg manages his leadership styles to the benefit of his business.
Mark Zuckerberg is a transformational and charismatic young leader. He created one of the most popular social media websites of today Facebook. He grew up in a well-educated family. His father is a dentist, and his mother is a psychiatrist. At age 12, Mark created a messenger named Zucknet. His father used the messenger in his dental clinic to communicate with his receptionist. Because Mark showed a desire and interest in programming and computers, so his father taught him some basic programming, but later he hired a software developer to tutor him at home. Since Mark was interested in computers and programming, he went to a couple of schools to develop his talent. He studied at Philips Exeter Academy which is a private independent boarding school in New Hampshire. While he was in Philips Exeter Academy, Zuckerberg exhibited a fencing talent and later he was the captain of his fencing team.
After Mark Zuckerberg graduated from High School, He went to Harvard University to study computer science. During his years at Harvard, he developed a couple of programs like CourseMatch and FaceMatch. Unfortunately, he dropped out of the university not finishing his degree. Zuckerberg was determined to work on his project even after he dropped out of the university. His hard work was paid off finally after the release of Facebook to the world which becomes one of the is the most popular social media around the world. Zuckerberg now is the youngest influencing billionaire worldwide. His success story is inspiring to a lot of young people to work hard and keep improving their life and take failure as the first step of success. Zuckerberg invented many programs when he was a student. He created a music software called Synapse and a program called facemash. He received some offers on his programs, but he did not want to sell them. Instead, He was fascinated by his work and had a clear vision of what he wanted. He wanted to create a communicating world, he brought it to the world when he released Facebook in 2004, and he changed the way the world communicates.
In his company, Mark Zuckerberg uses interpersonal communication in his relationship with his followers and considers his staff as friends, not workers. He guided his team with inspiring and motivating. Zuckerberg has open communication with his team which builds trust among them and makes him an effective leader. According to CNBC Mark Zuckerberg said to Freakonomics radio that he gives his workers freedom to use the product to make with it what they will. So, he is challenging his employees to use their talents and invent things that will help the company to grow. His employees love him so much. He provides a more warm and relaxed work environment for them to be creative. He is not acting like a typical controlling boss whose workers afraid of him and coming to work because they have and not because they love being in work. Psychological reasons are one of the important things that lead employees to be creative and willing to work hard to prove themselves and help the business improve.
Zuckerberg sometimes uses the democratic style of leadership when he gives his employees the choice to choose their project to work on. Mark Zuckerberg shows some characteristics of a great leader such as passion, motivation, democracy, clear vision, good communication, and the acceptance of mistakes. He is also a type of leader that continues working and improving especially learning from mistakes according to cbcnews interview with Zuckerberg, He admits his mistakes and promise to fix it.
The first advice Zuckerberg learned is to admit mistakes. According to cbcnews, the Facebook CEO takes mistakes seriously, but never afraid of them. He believes that mistakes are part of our lives and we learn from them like he said “Don’t avoid mistakes. You’ll make a ton. Just learn quickly, keep moving forward & running through walls.”. Success does not come from empty. Most successful people including Mark Zuckerberg failed and made mistakes, but the difference between those people and the others is that they learn from their mistakes fast and convert them to a step towards success. The second advice that Zuckerberg learned is making his employees comfortable and take off barriers. For example, Mark Zuckerberg office is not like a traditional leader bureau. Instead, he has an open floorplan. He believes that having this type of office encourages collaboration among teamwork and makes communication easy to better serve the business. Even his desk is the same as his employees’ desks. He is working closer to everybody without any barriers. Even his conference room is built in with glass walls. He believes that the closer you get with your team and employees the better is the collaboration. Most leaders put barriers between them and their workers which makes them intimidated and less connected and more engaged with the company. During his years at Harvard, he gained a reputation as a strong programmer and software developer. He developed programs such as Coursmatch that help students chose their classes based on their peers. As well as a program for fun called Facemash which allow people to choose the most attractive student based on the selection of two pictures.
Mark has a strong faith in his abilities and maintains his success regardless of the criticism and the obstacles. He manages to achieve his goals no matter what the circumstances are. When he was in high school Mark Zuckerberg was a captain for his fencing team because of his abilities to lead a team. Zuckerberg believes in trust is something important to have a good team and a healthy relationship between the leader and his fellows. Building trust creates loyal workers. Facebook CEO values this quality. When people share their pictures, videos and information on Facebook this based on their trust of the company and the leader of it. Facebook Employees are trusted to do the right thing. His employees are motivated by trust and honesty. Loyal workers are the result of a caring and democratic leader.
Mark Zuckerberg as a leader has a mission to make the world more connected and protecting the communities from abuse and hate. Even though Mark Zuckerberg faced issues within his business, but he is still capable of managing the company and motivates his employees and more than that he is more determined to be successful and achieve his goals. For example, when he faced a Facebook scandal of Cambridge Analytica, he handled the situation calmly and apologized for the people, He claimed responsibility of the mistake and he was committed to change and prevent that from happening again in the future. He is a person who learns from his mistakes and takes big responsibility for his life.
His democratic style of leadership makes him open to listen to others and take their opinions serious to the benefit of the business. For instance, when his recruiter told him that he should start getting some lessons of effective leadership, he accepted the advice, and he hired a coach to train him on how to be a more effective leader. The thing that I like about Mark Zuckerberg is that he is a people-oriented person and not judgmental of how people are or their personality, but he focuses on the work and the talents as he did in the case of Sean Parker who was known of bad reputation and addiction to drugs and alcohol. He asked for his help regardless of his bad reputation. Zuckerberg would fit in theory Y management style because he met all the traits of this theory. He is optimistic, positive, encouraging, and trust his employees’ talents.
Mark Zuckerberg helps his employees to grow and achieve their personal development when he motivates them to innovate and trust their abilities to do better. Zuckerberg allows his employees to choose what projects they want to work on which gives them the motivation and the power to do well in their area of interest which helps the workers achieve self-actualization according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. According to the Glassdoor website Facebook employees are happy to work with the company because the environment is encouraging and has a lot of autonomy opportunities. The Facebook company rewards its employees for their success and acknowledge their hard work and continuous learning to help the company grow and achieve its goals. Zuckerberg is a leader who appreciates his employees’ hard work and tries to bring people from different cultures and background to work together.
As a CEO, Zuckerberg has an approval rating of 94% from his employees which indicates a big satisfaction of his management style. (Glassdoor, 2019).Happy employees mean good performance and better teamwork. As a CEO, Zuckerberg makes sure that his employees get better benefits, good service, and career growth which make them motivated to perform well and. One thing that the majority of employee agree on is work-life balance needs to be improved. Zuckerberg needs to pay attention to the work-life balance for his worker. The hours of working sometimes exceed 60 hours and this can lead to some tiredness and less personal life which will affect the performance somehow.
Even though Zuckerberg is still young, but he achieved a big success. His experience and style of management teaches me many things. One thing I learned from him is to stay goal-oriented no matter what happened around me. Another thing I learned is learning from mistakes and convert them into a step towards success. Throughout history success stories always came after many trials and mistakes. Lastly, I learned that I learned is that I need to enjoy what I am doing. When a people love what they do, the productivity of the work increases and leads to creativity as well.
Although Mark Zuckerberg was young and inexpert at his beginning, he learned a lot of skills and developed his way of managing his business and his communication with his team and fellows to make good choices. Mark Zuckerberg uses a different style for his leadership such as transformational and democratic styles. Zuckerberg as a leader is a more open and better motivator. Zuckerberg’ leadership style helped the Facebook company to achieve success and growth. As a leader, Zuckerberg gives his employees the freedom to work what they like. Even though Zuckerberg has a good approval rating as a CEO, but he still needs (Biography, 2019) to learn about different leadership styles to adjust his own style depending on the situation his faces. (Glassdoor, 2019)