College Essay: Challenges Facing Gas Industry

Everyone needs gas and oil to make some of their things work. In other words, gas and oil are necessities for the daily operations of tasks, industries and businesses. This is why there are lots of companies that have been put up to provide gas and oil. However, with the uprising of organic and other alternate sources of gas, this industry is facing a deeper challenge to continue its operations and survive the competition.

With the challenges that the gas industry is facing these days, it is possible that some gas and oil companies make drastic decisions regarding their operations. Though some have tried other methods, products and materials, the challenges they faced still have big effects on the overall status of their companies and businesses.

Challenges that Gas Industry is Facing

  • Availability of options

People are now looking into other options on the sources of gas and oil. Many people today opt for organic sources and this is a blow to the production of gas and oil in the gas industry. With more options available, people may not need the services of the gas industry anymore in the near future.

  • Export from other countries

With the rise in demand for oil and gas, more and more countries are looking into getting gas and oil supply from other countries. The exporting of these products will affect the local gas industry.

  • Environment advocate awareness

More people these days are more aware of the things that can bring harm to the environment. With this, groups of environment advocates appeal to the society to opt for safer and cleaner sources of oil and gas.

  • Substitute fuels

With the advancements of technology these days, people are able to produce substitute fuels using different materials and sources. This can affect the gas industry as people will switch to these alternate fuels rather than the ones that they produce.

The gas industry needs to think of strategies to keep up with competition and alternative sources. This is the best way to survive the industry challenges and still be able to operate in the usual way. With changes happening around, even the huge gas industry is affected. This is why it is best to adapt to the changes so the industry can still keep up with providing gas and oil that people need every day.

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