Describe myself

If I had to describe myself, I would say I am very self-directed, intelligent, and driven. When I’m in school I make sure that the first thing to do is school work. I always make sure I am doing the right thing when projects or checkpoints are difficult I always make sure to ask for help. The school work can be hard but I always make sure I turn the projects and assessments in on time. I work on a platform named Summit Learning, which helps students work at their own pace, I push myself to take notes and work on assessments that we haven't gone over yet. I work very ahead of the blue line and make sure to get the work done so I won't be behind and take the test at the very last minute. Right now, it's close to graduation day and the blue line is almost at the end, I have pushed myself to finish my whole platform and I am now working on ninth grade math. On Summit Learning we have power focus areas which need to be done in order to pass each grade. We also have additional focus areas, where we can choose to work on them or not, they are not necessary. As I said before, I am very driven and push myself to complete those additionals, they are also nine percent of our grade. When I know I have done good on my projects but still, don't have the grade I want, I check the additionals for that course and if I haven't passed one, I make sure that's the work I focus on and make sure the assessment is taken and passed.One other element that my teachers love about me is that when I don't get the grade I like or want, I always make sure that I revise my work and turn it in again so they can make it into the grade I deserve. My parents care about my school work a lot so I can be successful, I remember one time I got an A- in math and made sure to raise that up to an A+ by revising my work to make them proud. Out of school, I like to play sports, such as softball, soccer, and basketball. I have gotten many medals from playing soccer and a trophy from softball. I am doing this portfolio for Lane Tech and while I was at the Lane Tech open house, I noticed four sports I wanted to join. Those sports were, soccer, softball, lacrosse, and volleyball, right now during my last quarter in 8th grade, I am taking a class and I am learning all about lacrosse, so hopefully, when I attend Lane Tech, I will have much experience with these sports. Another activity I do out of school is service hours. I do hours at Sulzer Regional Library, which is located by Welles Park. I have worked for the summer reading challenge at the library and enjoy helping kids. While helping, I make sure kids have packets that help them with reading and I also asked kids questions on what they read and handed them prizes. I still do service hours with them. Right now I am helping clean the library when needed. I help put the books where they belong, I clean off the toys when dirty, I also help the librarian with signs needed for the 2019 summer reading challenge. I also help my one of my teachers for service hours, when she needs help around the classroom, I am the first one she asks for help. While helping my teacher, I redo the bulletin boards and decorate them so they relate to the projects we are currently working on. I also help her prepare for her Harry Potter elective, I number the books for her class and set up the crafts. I also helped with box tops for the school. Back to school, for my behavior, I make sure that I am always on task and never get distracted by other students. My classmates have many behavior issues though, but I make sure to focus on myself and my work because I am the only one I should focus on. I have never gotten detention or ever been called by the deans for a serious problem. I focus on myself so I could be successful in the future. Talking about the future, I push myself in school, so I can get into a good high school which will lead me to get into a great college and that college helps me with my career. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up and attend a great law program, maybe Harvard. Except in order to do that, I have to focus on my grades, which I do. Except, I also want to attend a selective enrollment high school because they help you more with that. I know that some schools have Law programs such as Jones, which help you, but I want Lane to help me with my career. I am very social too, I like to help other students when they need it, a lot of students come up to me now and ask me if I could help study with them, and I accept their offer. I would also love to help students at Lane. I also like to read and study the summit platform at home and be with my family. I have a brother on the way and I also have two hardworking sisters. This whole statement proves why I strongly belong at Lane Tech High School, I would fit in at Lane and make the school a better place by helping students and teachers. I play sports that keep me active. I also focus on my school and make sure to get the work done on time and correctly. After reading this, I hope you give me a chance and accept me into your school.