Main Essay Types Every Student Should Know

Students are often assigned to do a lot of paperwork. The college papers can be drastically different from one another. There are so many rules and recommendations on how each and every essay type should be done. Knowing paper types and their main features can help you greatly in finding the right essay for your goals. Here are the 4 main essay types every student should know.

1. Research Paper

Such essays are written strictly in the third person. There is no room for personal opinions. A research paper should be based on thorough research, reliable data, and academic analysis. A paper should have a specific outline, with a specific thesis statement that ought to be answered in the conclusion. At most, a student can add a recommendation for further research. Other than that, a paper should have a number of credible sources to prove all of the facts, findings, and statements of the research. Of course, citing every bit of information is the process where most students think, “I should have checked a papersowl review to see how it should be made.” They are right. Citing is, probably, the hardest part of writing this type of essay.

2. Analytical Essays

The goal of an analytical essay is to provide a critical analysis of a work of art. It is usually the analysis of a movie, book, or painting. Quite often, an analytical essay serves as a showcase of a student’s knowledge. A well-written piece should show that a person knows where to look and how to describe what they see. Such an essay is often designed as a comparison between two different works. Thus, the contrast between them shows the true uniqueness of their qualities. Such essays should also have a specific structure. It starts with the detailed introduction of art pieces. Next goes the thesis statement, then the body of the paper. In the end, writers can include personal opinions of works. Though, a writer should keep his or her professional and critical view of the analyzed objects.

3. Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is a rare paper where students are allowed to use their own voices. The essay should be written from the first-person voice, which means you can use first-person pronouns. You should include your personal opinions and thoughts. In addition, more often than not, you should also write about your own experience. This essay type is also unique for its active use of descriptive adjectives, required creativity, and imagery. Overall, the goal of a narrative essay is to create a realistic and charming picture of an event that has happened to the narrator. It should be believable and inviting for readers, just as an essayshark review. Just remember to stay true to yourself and the story. It is important to show your real voice throughout the text.

4. Admission Essay

Any student should be familiar with the concept of an admission essay by now. It is the type of paper that should show you in the best (though realistic) light. This paper should encourage the admission to accept students to wherever they are applying. It can be a college application or request for a scholarship. Overall, such an essay should tell the most essential information about the candidate in an inspiring and unique way. You can read an iwritessays review to see how much paper should look like. The admission essay is a student’s chance to demonstrate how incredibly lucky an institution (work, college, volunteer center, etc.) can be to accept them. Every young person needs to master such papers before every other essay type.